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HIT's internationalization winning call


For the 3rd time in a row, the Israeli Council for Higher Education granted financial support to HIT's internationalization process.


The Council for Higher Education (CHE) actively promotes and supports the internationalization of Israeli Academic Institutions. Dedicated to raising the academic level and competitiveness of the Israeli academia in the global academic scene, the CHE co-finances institutions of higher education in the process of building and strengthening their international position.



HIT is proud to announce that for the third time, its application to the internationalization call was granted by the CHE. In the coming two years, HIT will thus continue to be co-funded by the CHE to develop its international activity abroad, keep on adapting its institutional infrastructure to the international academic market and further expose Israeli students and staff to its "internationalization at home" process. This latter will include a wider range of (virtual) English-taught courses, the increased integration of international content into the current curricula and the development of programs for the social integration of Israeli and international students.


In addition, HIT will offer a limited amount of grants for Master students eager to spend a semester at one of HIT's academic partners.


With the support of the CHE, the International Office and FutureHIT (HIT's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center) are expected to launch a number of joint activities for the benefit of both HIT's staff and students; as well as for the benefit of HIT's international partners' staff and students.


HIT wishes to thank the International Office, and the Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority as a whole, for this winning proposal and for their contribution to the success of this important initiative.



Posted: 26/08/2020