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Springer publishers: services , products and their academic impact The new ways for cooperation

With the participation of the eminent guest - Mrs. Mary James -Senior Acquisitions Editor at Springer Science Business Media in NYC

Mrs.Mary James
Mrs.Mary James
The Springer Information day at HIT was initiated by the Dr. Nava Shaked. She opens the round table infoday with the warm welcoming words:
"We are extremely proud to have been selected by Springer, through Mary James, to establish close cooperation with our institute. The Springer's interest in academic publications is further evidence of their importance in real-time traffic, which is rapidly expanding and is very valuable to customers and scientific achievements in the era of BIG Data."

Springer is one of the largest publishers in the world with 175 years of experience and excellence. With more than 2900 journals and 250,000 books, Springer offers many opportunities for authors, clients and partners. Explaining the great achievements of Springer, Ms. James has outlined the touch points of collaboration between Springer and HIT in her presentation. She also explained about the opportunities how to use effectively the Sprint Research and Development unit that provides information for Flexible business models who will allow our researchers to access the content they need, maximizing the use and return on investment. More information may be fined in Mrs. James's presentation.

HIT Faculties representatives:, Prof. Arik Sadeh (Dean, Faculty of Management Technologies), Dr. Hagit Meishar Tal  (Head of  of Instructional  Technologies BA program) and Dr. Refael Barkan (Head of R&D and External Relations Authority), Dr.Nava Shaked (Head of multidisciplinary track) overviewed the specific faculties and institute need of publications, with the focus on  importance of ‘excellent’ publications for the career of scientists, and institutes need of immediate access to the latest research, competitive intelligence, reliable reference materials, and access to proven practices.
More than successful was round table discussion after the presentation with participation of Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra (Dean, Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Arriel Benis (Faculty of Management Technologies), Dr. Guy Yoskovitz (Deputy Director of R&D and External Relations Authority), Mrs. Michal Chill (Library Manager) , Mrs. Tony Levy (External Relation Officer at the President Office).
Participants agree on a specific topics spoking about the how to promoting the commercialization of academic science to be more useful for the development of additional innovations and about the importance of the new open research strategies, including the discovery of corporate R & D that have an impact on innovative results and are the hard of HIT Research projects.

From the other side the Impact factors are heavily criticized as measures of scientific quality. However, they still dominate in every discussion about scientific excellence. They are still used to select candidates for positions as PhD student, postdoc and academic staff, to promote professors and to select grant proposals for funding. As a consequence, researchers tend to adapt their publication strategy to avoid negative impact on their careers. Also was discussed the alternative methods to measure excellence and received the advice how to reach higher impact factors with sciences publications.

In order to develop the optimal publication strategy for the HIT researchers, lectures and students, participants decide about the future strong cooperation: promoting professional multidisciplinary book, to published final research projects books and papers, teaching short courses conducting mutual research projects, imput of academics conferences with random collections of papers and briefs, flexible ways of digital publishing, encourage the use of Springer databases via HIT Library.