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Summary meeting of  the STEMM conference delegation  to Uzbekistan


A summary meeting of HIT's STEMM conference delegation to Uzbekistan took place at HIT in the presence of H.E. Said Rustamov the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Israel, Mr. Maqsud Ibodulloyev, the Second Secretary at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, Mr. Samuel Goldberg HIT's CEO , Prof. Lev Rapoport, Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dr. Dan R. Kohen-Vacs, Mrs. Ilanit Litay from the "Eye from Zion" organization,  Mr. Pinhas  Pozeilov, Mrs. Ronit Pozeilov, Mr. Ilya Levi ,Projects manager at the President's office and Mrs. Tony Levy ERO, President's office.


From the left: Dr. Arriel Benis, Prof. Lev Rapoport, Second Secretary Maqsud Ibodulloyev, Mrs. Ilanit Litay, Ambassador Said Rustamov, Mrs. Ronit Pozeilov, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Pinhas Pozeilov, Mr. Samuel Goldberg, Dr. Dan R. Kohen-Vacs, Mrs. Tony Levy, Prof. Gila Kurtz 

Prof. Yakubov opened the meeting and thanked the Ambassador of Uzbekistan for assisting in person and through the embassy in the organization of the conference and the successful meetings held in Uzbekistan.

"I wish to convey me sincere gratitude and appreciation for the great assistance we've received from the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel and from Mr. Rustamov personally. We've enjoyed ourselves as tourists, as scientists and as the people who help build the bridge between our countries. My deepest gratitude goes also to our Ambassador in Uzbekistan Mr. Eduard Shapiro, who together with the entire embassy played a major role in organizing the delegation.


From the left: Second Secretary Maqsud Ibodulloyev, Ambassador Said Rustamov, Prof. Eduard Yakubov

Ambassador Rustamov thanked Prof. Yakubov and said that he is thankful and most appreciative of the great work that was done while visiting Uzbekistan in the fields of education and science, while connecting to the worlds of innovation and business, which is a relatively new field. "This is a new stage in the development of Uzbekistan in the fields of academia and business and I identify with Prof. Yakubov saying that this is a new era in which HIT is a central partner.

 The Ambassador said also that "Prof. Yakubov had recognized the need and the desire that exists in Uzbekistan to move forward and it is impressive and exciting. There has not been a similar delegation here in recent years and I'm very happy to be part of this process and express my full appreciation to you and I'm at your disposal any time.


Ambassador Said Rustamov and Prof. Eduard Yakubov


Mrs. Tony Levy, ERO at HIT's President's office, said that this delegation is the first step towards a new future in Uzbekistan and Israel's relations. Our Uzbek brothers have shown us their warm and outstanding hospitality and I thank them for that from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs said that this was his first visit in Uzbekistan and that he knew very little about the country, but he was so pleased to find there warm welcoming and generous people and the delegation was treated beautifully. "In my opinion this is the true basis for establishing ties between organizations' countries and people. From the academic point of view, I've surprisingly found many curious students who are eager for new knowledge. I hope that in the near future I will have the opportunity to contribute to the deepening and establishment of the relationship between us because we have  a lot to contribute and learn at the same time and I hope for a mutual continuation of these relationships.

Prof. Gila Kurtz said that she was impressed by the warm and generous hospitality. We've seen a true example of how Jews and Muslims are living together and respecting each other. From the academic view point we've noticed a great desire for knowledge and we've learned a lot from each other. I'm looking forward to future trips and additional meetings like these. 

Mr. Samuel Goldberg, HIT's CEO said that he was extremely impressed by the generous and warm welcome with which the delegation was received everywhere. He thanked the Ambassador for the strong and sincere friendship which exists between HIT and Uzbekistan.
And expressed his hope for broadening then.


From the left:  Mrs. Ilanit Litay,Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Ambassador Said Rustamov


Mrs. Ilanit Litay form "Eye from Zion" organization said that she shares all that has been said by the rest of the delegation members  about the outstanding hospitality they've received and added that while vising hospitals in Uzbekistan they were surprised by the true desire expressed by young doctors to study more. "We had two conferences in Samarkand and Tashkent and seminars at the hospitals in which local doctors participated.


Now the ball is in the Uzbek government's hands to continue the education and training whether it is by sending doctors over to Israel or training them in Uzbekistan. We will be happy to continue this great collaboration between the countries.


From the left:  Mr. Samuel Goldberg, Prof. Gila KurtzDr. Dan R. Kohen-Vacs, Mrs. Tony Levy


Prof. Lev Rapoport said that he was very impressed by the beautiful country and the great hospitality and welcome ceremonies but said that his field – Nano materials and applications of nano- materials in the industry, is still relatively new in Uzbekistan and therefore there were not many students who study it. He said that this field should take greater part of the educational programs. 

Ambassador Rustamov replied that indeed it is a brand new field and the country is at a new starting point regarding innovation. "We put a lot emphasis on innovation and rely of the young generation to be the leaders of this country. We thank HIT for being the first to bring the innovation field to our country."

Mrs. Ronit Pozeilov, said that this is her second visit to Uzbekistan and that she feels and sees the differences from her first visit. "There is a movement forward and I've noticed it. We've started the "WateGen" project and we intend to continue with the "Soil Sensors" project with the new technology. I'm a great believer in education which allows  progress and achievements.

Mr. Pinchas Pozeilov praised HIT's activities in general and Prof. Yakubov's activities in particular and said that this is the beginning of a long way that will affect the entire region.

At the end of the meeting Professor Yakubov honored the ambassador of Uzbekistan with an honorary certificate as well as gave him the HIT's 50th Jubilee pin. He also gave honorary pins to the Second Secretary of the Embassy and to Mr. Pozeilov. 


Ambassador Said Rustamov and Prof. Eduard Yakubov


Published: 30.5.19