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Tribute Event for Donors Providing Students with Financial and Academic Assistance

Former HIT graduates, who donated scholarships for students at HIT, participated for the first time in a moving ceremony honoring donors and endowment foundations, which took play July 22nd. HIT representatives paid their respects to all the organizations, non-profit associations, endowment foundations and private donors who contributed scholarships for students, describing them as 'fellow travelers'. "Each time we appeal to you for assistance, we are pleased to find out that we are not alone on the student's side, but that we have additional partners ready to lend our students a shoulder, good advice, and financial assistance when necessary."
During a full day devoted to honoring donors and endowment foundations at HIT, the following benefactors were acknowledged with a certificate of appreciation:
  • Bank Leumi
  • IBM Israel
  • The Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of IDF Veterans
  • The IMPACT! scholarship, provided by Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF)
  • Heseg Foundation, which provides scholarships for former 'lone soldiers'
  • The Estates Committee of the Legal Guardianship Department
  • The Dr. Avraham Margalit Scholarship Foundation
  • The Dr. Eugenia Cohen Scholarship Foundation
  • The Dr. Yosef Zehavi Scholarship Foundation
  • The Alex Rubin Scholarship Foundation
  • The Amir Shabtai Scholarship Foundation
  • Holon City Council – Department of Education
  • Friends of Atidim Association
  • Alliance Israelite Universelle – KIAH
  • Motorola Solutions
  • The Drora Maron Scholarship Foundation – donated by an HIT graduate
  • Mars Antennas and RF Systems Ltd.
  • Perach Scholarships
  • Keysight Technologies Scholarships
  • Itzik Dayan, a graduate of the department of engineering
  • IAJF – Iranian American Jewish Federation
Over the course of the day, the donors and foundation representatives met with HIT's president, deans, department heads and liaisons of such HIT programs as 'Academia Plus'. For the first time, scholarships were also granted to students from the Metsuyanoar program – high school students studying for a degree in addition to their high school Bagrut curriculum.

This year's event featured heartwarming encounters between students who received scholarships and several of the donors, including Motorola and the Gruss Foundation. The foundation representatives and donors had the opportunity to meet the students face to face, to hear their personal story and how the grants have helped them.

The scholarships provided by the donors are used towards tuition, private tutors, academic equipment, and more. Some of the scholarships are designated for high-achieving students and special population segments, while other donors chose to support students who had participated in last year's Operation Protective Edge. Among these donors was an HIT graduate, who chose to remain anonymous.

This year, Ms. Mazi Galor, IBM's marketing vice president, spoke on behalf of the commercial companies, while Ms. Ora Ben Dror, daughter of Dr. Avraham Margalit – HIT's founder and first director – spoke on behalf of the family foundations.

It should be noted that all scholarship recipients are also expected to volunteer for community service – thus creating a virtuous circle of giving and receiving.

While the participants were gathering for the tribute event, they had a chance to visit a special exhibition, displaying social projects and programs which HIT students have launched in collaboration with various organizations and non-profit associations. As part of the ceremony, a film was shown, which listed the activities of the student body: 354 students volunteering for community work, engaged in socially productive courses, social and community activities and more.

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Five exceptional students were especially honored at the event for their inspiring and unique volunteer work:
Chaim Bouzaglo – 3rd year Computer Science student
The committee's rationale for bestowing the appreciation award:
"In the little spare time his computer science studies leave him, Chaim finds the time and will to help other students, at his own initiative. Chaim approached the Access Center staff, offering to help students on a volunteer basis, without expecting any recompense.
Throughout the semester and especially as final exams drew nearer, Chaim volunteered to teach a group of students, and was the real heart of the Access Center. Chaim is a paragon socially-minded student and has contributed for years, for which we are very grateful."
Alex Shevtsov, 4th year Electric Engineering and Electronics student
The committee's rationale for bestowing the appreciation award:
"Alex is the recipient of an Heseg Foundation scholarship, a fund dedicated to helping students who were lone soldiers. Alex began his social activities in the 'Follow Me' non-profit association, as a condition for the scholarship, and soon this activity became voluntary and a way of life. Alex has volunteered for 'Follow Me' for four years, helping Ethiopian immigrants, giving lectures all around Israel encouraging enlistment to combat units, guiding and advising in schools, and also volunteering in other community activities. Alex is graduating from HIT this year. He stands out for his personal charisma and social giving, and especially for never missing a day of compulsory reserve duty."
Adi Bachash, 2nd year Instructional Technologies student
The committee's rationale for bestowing the appreciation award:
"Adi has been volunteering for social causes for many years. During Operation Cast Lead, she volunteered for reserve duty, while not neglecting to care for her fellow students through her position as deputy chairman of the student union. She organized food collections for students from Gan Yavne, Haifa, and even abroad. In the past, she used to organize birthday parties for needy children, and organized food distribution to poor families in Holon, as well as lectures and seminars. Anybody who spends time at HIT knows that Adi is the 'life' of the campus, always ready to volunteer for any activity, and campaigning on behalf the students, even beyond her official role."
Gabi Ambao, 1st year Computer Science student
The committee's rationale for bestowing the appreciation award:
"Gabi is a beneficiary of the 'Atidim for industry' program, enabling students from difficult socio-economic backgrounds to attain a degree and find work. Gabi volunteers at the Lazaros community center in Holon, helping schoolchildren in their studies and homework. Librarians at the center have complained that Gabi continues teaching after the library closes at 7pm. He simply doesn't quit, and moves to another room. Gabi is dedicated, devoted and professional, and knows how to make any subject accessible and meaningful."
Netanel Singer, 4th year Industrial Design student
The committee's rationale for bestowing the appreciation award:
"An anonymous student, who learned of Netanel's activities, tipped us off about them – Netanel himself keeps quiet about his charity. For eight years now, Netanel has volunteered at the House of Wheels, a non-profit that assists the physically disabled. He began volunteering in the association's northern branch, and stayed on there even after moving to Tel-Aviv. Netanel gives away his precious spare time lovingly and joyously."
In addition, several other students received honorable mention for their social volunteer activities:
Dani Sabag, Oz Ben Amram, Gilad Gal, Ayes Aljeri, Yaakov Greidinger, Tal Yemin, Dmitry Proskoniu, Ortal Michaelshvili, Yossi Yadgar, Omer Picciotto, Nissim Mor, Erez Dgani, and Golan Sheri.