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 New Book by Prof. Samary Baranov published in Amazon

Congratulations to Prof. Samary Baranov, from the Faculty of Sciences, on the recent publication of his new book: From Algorithm to Digital System: HLS and RTL tool Synthagate in Digital System Design


This book is about how to use the Synthagate tool for the design of complex digital systems at the High Level and Register Transfer Level. Specifically, it demonstrates how to use Synthagate through the design of a processor to showcase the potential of Synthagte. The main difference between Synthagate and other design tools is that the designer is not required to use hardware description languages. Instead, Synthagate uses Algorithmic State Machines (ASMs) at the different steps of design.


Synthagate covers most digital system designs from DSP to Processing Units. This tool can be used in the design of robots, controllers, processors, IoT & AI systems, video and voice processing systems, digital systems for automated and autonomous cars, et cetera. Most importantly, not only experienced hardware designers, but application engineers can design complex digital systems with Synthagate.


Synthagate can also be useful for students and educators of universities and colleges in courses such as Digital system design, Systems on the chips, VLSI system design, Embedded systems, Computer system architecture and many others. How should you begin to work with the Synthagate tool and this book? First, you can download the Synthagate tool for two months for free at


If you are familiar with FSM and ASM, head straight to Chapter 2. In the second chapter, I demonstrate the design of a Processor with Synthagate in detail.