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Professor Eduard Yakubov appointed as President of HIT – Holon Institute of Technology

נשיא המכון - אדוארד יעקובובProfessor Yakubov has been appointed President of HIT – Holon Institute of Technology. Professor Eduard Yakubov, aged 62, is a resident of Holon and married with two daughters. He repatriated to Israel from the former USSR in 1990. After completing his Ph.D. studies magna cum laude, he received the title of Associate Professor in Mathematics at the early age of 30 and entered HIT in 1994. He has served in various academic management positions, including Head of the Department of Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, and Vice President of Research and Development.  He was also Acting President of HIT before becoming its President.
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Professor Yakubov's research activity includes two research books in Applied Mathematics published by Springer, textbooks for universities and almost 100 publications. Within the framework of his academic duties he served as a Senior Researcher in the Technion and was awarded Best Lecturer Award in the Engineering Faculty of Tel Aviv University. In addition, he has received awards and research grants from the Israel Ministry of Science, the Israel Sciences Foundation, Israel Ministry of Absorption for the Giladi program, and the Ma'agara grant from the Technion, to name but a few.

In addition, Prof. Yakubov initiated, established, led and managed several study programs in close cooperation with industry and academic institutions in Israel and abroad. He is invited to and active in organizing international conferences and is a member of various editorial boards of scientific journals. Professor Yakubov has extensive experience in working with industrial groups and hospitals and collaborating with research institutes and universities in Israel and abroad.  He is closely involved in working with the Council for Higher Education, and the Planning and Budgeting Committee in preparation of study programs and their approval. He is also a member of the American Mathematical Society, European Mathematical Union, the Israel Mathematical Union, and the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel.

HIT President, Professor Eduard Yakubov: "During the 20 years of my work at HIT, I have been promoted from Adjunct Lecturer to Full Professor and held various management positions. In recent months, I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with the uniqueness of our Institute, whose excelling achievements are mainly due to the quality of its academic and administrative staff.

My vision as President is to continue leading HIT as a dynamic unique institute of higher education, and strengthening the ties with industries paying careful attention to the demands of national economy in the training of skilled manpower. In this way, HIT will become part of the leading influence in Israel, in general, and in the city of Holon in particular. Another goal we would strive at is the narrowing of the higher education gaps in Israel. We would also strive towards creating a model of social experience, shared by all the groups in Israeli society.

I intend to preserve the wonderful synergy existing at HIT, between its academic and administrative staff. For most of us at HIT, the Institute has become a second home, and in order to keep 'our home' safe, I will do everything I can to coordinate full cooperation in all sectors, to act as a single coordinated, harmonious, versatile and multidimensional system functioning as one cohesive body to meet the challenges of tomorrow".