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Head of Japanese J6 (Cyber Command) visited HIT

Head of Japanese J6 (Cyber Command)  Rear Admiral Akira Ichida,  visited HIT and met with Dr. Harel Menashri ,Head of Ciber at HIT.


From the left: Colonel Yasuhiro Ogawa, Rear Admiral Akira Ichida, Dr. Menashri, Lt. Colonel JASDF Chihiro Sasaki, Lt. Colonel JGSDF Yoshito Hiraima

The Admiral was accompanied by Colonel Yasuhiro Ogawa, Japanese Defense Attache' and his staff members:  Lt. Colonel JASDF Chihiro Sasaki and Lt. Colonel JGSDF Yoshito Hiraima. 

The visit followed a previous meeting between Dr. Menashri and Japan's Vice Ambassador to Israel, where they've exchanged knowledge in the fields of Cyber and information about China, North Korea and additional topics which affect the Cyber world.

In the meeting at HIT,  Mrs. Deborah Sharabi, Head of the International Office, introduced HIT to the guests and Dr. Menashri reviewd the Cyber studies that take place at HIT both on the academic and practical levels .


Rear Admiral Akira Ichida and Dr. Menashri
Other issues that were discussed, were cyber topics that relate to both countries such as Chinese and North Korean attacks.

The guests were very impressed with the Cyber Center and expressed the possibility for future cooperation in studies between Japan and Israel. 


Published: 30.5.19