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The first Intellectual Property Conference at HIT

The conference, which was organized by the R&D and External Affairs Authority  and A.Y.Y.T - HIT's Tech Transfer office.
Dr. Arriel Benis. Photo: Maya Nakar

The event was hosted  by Dr. Refael Barkan, head of R&D and External Affairs Authority  and Dr. Arriel Benis from the Faculty of Technology Management. ,who had discussed the importance of innovation in HIT and in  the industry, from the perspectives of scientists, engineers, designers and managers.
Adv. Yotam Werzansky - Orland , an expert on intellectual property law, a faculty member at the School of Certificate Studies and a lecturer at the Institute, spoke about the principles of entrepreneurship for designers and creators, and  the important tools that are at their disposal in order to protect an idea or a new design and / or technological creation.
Asaf Shalev, patent attorney, founder and owner of "Ace Patents", devoted his lecture to the world of patents in general, and specifically to the field of software, and spoke about the process of patent registration, implications, dangers and potential difficulties.
Taly Malach Banaim, Finance and Business Development Manager of A.Y.Y.T, talked about the importance of protecting the intellectual property of all HIT projects.