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Faster than the Speed of Light

Engineering alum projects provide innovative solutions for rapid transmission of data.


תמונה ללא תיאור

Amit Melamed, Muriel Gindi and Eduard Yudashkin continued working on their final project in Nano-Photonics long after they graduated from the HIT Faculty of Engineering.

Amit and Muriel devised an innovative design that works with DWDM technology which will increase the transmission rate of data by fourfold. DWDM transceiver technology was developed around 20 years ago, and since then, it has revolutionized optical telecommunications.


תמונה ללא תיאור


The technology allows different data streams to be sent simultaneously at different wavelengths over a single optical fiber without requiring new cables be laid. By building upon existing technology, the project succeeded in optimizing and expanding its applications.

The findings of this study were published in the PNFA - Photonics and Nanostructures Fundamentals and Applications Journal. 

Eduard Loudashin’s project devised a new approach to ‘trap’ and ‘split’ infrared wavelengths. This new technology increases the transmission rate of data three times and reduces the reflection of light which can usually disrupt the communication systems. His work was published in the MDPI Nanomaterials Flagship magazine.

תמונה ללא תיאור

Both of these projects were supervised by Dr. Dror Malka, who expressed his deep pride in his students and the resulting articles which appeared in such prestigious scientific journals. “We at HIT encourage our students to engage in applied research, supporting and overseeing their work even after graduation. I am confident that the results of this research will help Amit, Muriel and Eduard advance in their professions, and will serve as a springboard for further academic studies.”


Posted: 12/01/2121