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816 HIT graduates received their diplomas in a grand ceremony



HIT's 2018 Graduation Ceremony took place on June 26th, 2018 at the Holon Toto Hall, where 816 graduates received their B.A and Master's diplomas, in front of 3500 guests, as well as HIT's President Prof. Eduard Yakubov,  Prof. Adir Pridor -chairman of the Executive Committee, Prof. David Shoikhet ,Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans of the faculties, heads of departments, academic and administrative staff , Mr. Motti Sasson Mayor of Holon, Liron-Inbal Parsy chairperson of the students' organizations and of course, the graduates, their families and guests from Israel and abroad.


Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"


During the ceremony, Prof. Yakubov, awarded Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs. Adina Bar Shalom - Israel Prize Laureate and Founder of the Orthodox Jerusalem College, and Honorary Degrees to Dr. Ilan Goldfajn, President of the Central Bank of Brazil and Mr. Isarel Mazin, Israeli entrepreneur and Chairman owner of Gama Corp. and Shadow Corp. and founder of Mamco Corp.


Prof. Eduard YakubovPhoto : "Seret Lemazkeret"


Prof. Yakubov said in his speech that over 14,000 graduates who fill key positions in the hi-tech industries are a major proof to HIT's constant efforts to achieve excellence, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.
"Each year our higher education system faces additional challenges and we strive to continue to be leaders in technology and industry due to our multi-disciplinary studies programs, investment in ground breaking projects and promoting HIT through signing international collaboration agreements with leading educational institutions.
You are leaving here today equipped with up- to- date knowledge, creative thinking abilities and a unique toolbox that will provide you with a ticket to the industry together with good citizenship values. We see you as HIT's ambassadors wherever you go".


Graduation Ceremony 2018 at Holon TOTO Hall. Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"


Mrs. Adina Bar Shalom said in her speech that she is honored and excited to receive the award. "My lifetime achievement was making higher education accessible by founding the Jerusalem Orthodox college. Over 13,000 Orthodox students are studying now in designated colleges that enable them to take an active part in the Israeli society and gain equality of opportunities. HIT enables people from all walks of Israeli society to have an equal oppertunity in the highest quality. Technology is the future that is spread in front of you. You chose HIT and you chose well !


Mrs. Bar Shalom and the Honorary Degrees Committee. Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"


Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Pinchas (Pini) Cohen congratulated the graduates and said: "we strive to be a ground breaking educational institution and continue to seek excellence. I ask you to take this trait along into your lives and regard it as HIT's board of director's blessing".


From left:  Mr. Mazin, Mr. Givon, Mrs. Bar Shalom, Prof. Yakubov, Prof. Tenne, R. Malach, Mr. Goldberg, Prof. Pridor, Dr. Barkan, Adv. Kopolovich.

Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"

Chairman of the executive committee, Prof. Adir Pridor, said: I want to congratulate you in your new journey. Take with you the toolbox that you've acquired here, implement it, contribute to our society and make us happy too."

Dr. Ilan Goldfaijn greeted the graduates and said: The most important thing in your career is perseverance. Don’t' give up. There will be ups and downs but at the end you will get there. You need to keep looking forward and gain perspective and the most important thing- don't forget to enjoy the road".


Suma Cum Laude students at the Graduation Ceremony. Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"

Mr. Israel Mazin gave the graduates some helpful advice: "Believe in yourselves. Remember that nothing is impossible and don't give up. The road might be bumpy but it is important to learn from your mistakes and move forward".

Chairman of the student's organization, Liron Inbal Parsy said: You should be proud of yourselves. Now you step out into the real world. Now is your time to make a change".


Omer Ben- Zur. Photo : "Seret Lemazkeret"


Omer Ben- Zur Cum Laude Graduate of the faculty of Engineering said: "I'm honored to be standing here tonight and speak on behalf of my feloow studetns. I thank you HIT staff for an amazing and challenging period where you put a high standard in front of us in terms of studies as well as in terms of values, friendship, humanity and zionism. Technology can create wonders only if we can also put into it the values and our basic commitment to society".


posted: 26/06/2018