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HIT’s Faculty of Design presents Graduates’ Exhibition 2020

The COVID-19 crisis created a new and exciting opportunity for this year's graduates. Many of the presented projects deal with solutions to anxiety and stress, preserving the environment and contributing to the community, creative solutions for dealing with the new reality, seeking the meaning for existence, conflicts in society, global and political issues, many exciting personal and human stories, and more fascinating outcomes.



Prof. David Rawet, Dean, Faculty of Design: "Due to COVID-19, the faculty moved over night to distance learning. The ability to respond to a changing situation has been and will be one of the strengths of those who practice design, therefore the amplitude of the semester was not damaged.

The final projects posed a significant extreme challenge in this transition. We did it with dignity. This did not happen by itself, beyond the adjustment of the set of academic and human connections, a work and dedication were required. A great work, which eliminated all calculation of hours and availability, created an unconventional level of commitment and priority and no less personal and human support.

Nearly 200 final projects presented (frontally, within the limits of the COVID-19 guidelines) showed products devoid of "Corona discount", lacking "good, but ...” as proof of the vitality of the faculty, its students and its lecturers”.


Each department presented it excellent project. Here is a glans to one project from each department:

Department of Interior Design // Head of the Department: Arch. Nissan Warschawski (Nini) // Cutaror and Incoming Head of Department: Arch. Udi Kramsky
ZEN IN THE FLOOD // by Shir Geva and Daniel Dadon // Project facilitator: Gal Gaon

Creating a strain space that is perceived through a three-dimensional object and located in an active interior space. The space is created in the connection between the subject watching and the object that changes, the sound that reaches the ear and the space between them, in order to increase the level of alertness to the world of low frequencies, the audio frequencies.

The project explores our living space through the world of the senses. The generator of the project is the urban space in which we live. The perception of the urban space is as a space flooded with visual elements, projection sounds, materials and textures. Shir and Daniel developed a space object that produces synchronization between the visible and the invisible, with the help of the world of low frequencies - their audio frequencies and visual expression within an existing physical space. The object 'activates' various elements that produce the connections between inner and outer worlds. The experience of space increases the level of sensory alertness, to resolve the tangle between the conscious and the unconscious.



Department of Industrial Design // Head of the Department: Luka Or // Curator and Incoming Head of the Department: Ori Ben Zvi    
SMOKE // by Zohar Saly // Project facilitator: Naama Steinbock

This project aims to enhance the potential of the combination of textiles and ceramics, while developing a new process that allows the production of objects with unique visibility in a semi-automatic method. The project began during a Ceramics course with Ms. Shlomit Bauman, where she gave a free hand in every direction of research in this field, and the choice made was to explore the combination of textiles and ceramics. While previous projects chose to copy the texture and visibility of the textile into the ceramic, Zohar decided to take a step forward and use the three-dimensional options of the textile to influence the casting process in the ceramic.

The development required the reinvention and adaptation of concepts in the world of ceramics, which created a new process that ultimately created objects with unique visibility, misleading the viewer into thinking that these are not stiff castings at all.



Department of Visual Communication // Head of the Department: Zachi Diner // Curator: Yehuda Hofshi
MOODEERNISATION // by Avishay Farhi // Project facilitator: Hagit Antebi

"Modernization" project deals with the modern lifestyle and everything that accompanies it. The theme is presented through a medium of video clip, accompanied by original music without words. The project confronts the growing modernization from generation to generation and asks what are the threats and difficulties it brings alongside the technological advances we have experienced in recent generations.

The video clip follows an average person in a modern and routine day, from morning to night. Through his daily schedule and the various routine activities, we get an idea of what the lives of many of us look like, or are going to look like in the near future. The endless repetitiveness, the erosion and the pursuit and the escape from the numbers that surround us and control us - time, money, age, etc. "Modernization" brings into the character’s day various data and infographics, which conveys the gloomy and the frightening and lies behind every framework and social system we have learned to accept as reality. The project is done with the aim of creating emotion and provoking thought in the viewer and not to convey an obvious and precise critique of this or that lifestyle.


3 from Avishay Farhi on Vimeo.