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Dr. Refael Barkan lectured at the IBT& CARE Meetup, held at Google campus in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Barkan, head of R&D and External affairs Authority at HIT, lectured at a unique gathering held by IBT (Israel Brain Technologies)  and CARE – (Center for Applied Research and technology for the Elderly) on the topic: how can technology assist in handling the medical treatment and well-being challenges of the elderly population.
Dr. Refael Barkan at Google campus in Tel Aviv.
The title of his lecture was : "The CARE initiative- a multidisciplinary approach to facing various challenges among the elderly population".

Dr. Barkan had stressed the uniqueness of CARE as a singular R&D center which has grown, on the one hand, from the academy (HIT), yet manages to maintain a wide range of connections with the industry as well as with social and political organizations.
The center's main goal is to formulate technological solutions to face the challenges of the elderly population and their care givers (medical staff together with the patient and his family), in addition to providing technological strategies for better assimilation of these solutions.
Other speakers at the event were Dr. Hadas Levy, head of International R&D at "Maccabi Health Services", who had talked about "Maccabi"'s vast experience in international R&D projects regarding technologies for the elderly, and about the long partnership that was established during the years in this field, with HIT Holon Institute of Technology.

Prof. Yair Lempel, who is in charge of the field of Stroke at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, had reviewed the latest challenges and developments in treating Stroke, mainly regarding the elderly population.

The third speaker at the event was Dr.Ron Ben – Itzhak senior ‎Geriatrician at Psycho-Geriatrician, founder of "Healthy Aging" center, who lectured about "Geriatrics in the 21st century- Technology as a catalyst for better treatment".

The meeting was held in collaboration with IBT, founded by the late Mr. Shimon Peres, which is a non-profit organization, aimed at accelerating Israeli innovation in areas related to brain research and developing technologies for better understanding and facing the challenges of this field, including treating brain diseases.