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More women in Cyber

Some of Israel’s biggest Cyber employers participated in a conference at HIT to explore the future of women in the field.

Women in Cyber. Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum

Women in Cyber | Photo: Tal Kirschenbaum

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology hosted the "Women in Cyber - The National Resource Conference" organized by the Ministry of Economy, "Cyber 7", "HackerU" and "". The conference focused on the need for gender equality and increasing the presence and prominence of women on the Israeli hi-tech map.

Discouraging statistics, published by the Israel Innovation Authority, were shared: 33% of human capital in the high-tech industry are women, but only about 6% are in managerial positions. Moreover, only 10% of Israeli startups in recent years are managed by women. These statistics underline the current reality as to the number of women choosing to major in technological disciplines at Israel’s colleges and universities, and the urgency of the need to change this unfortunate reality.

A panel of leading women from industry and academia led the animated and passionate discussion, among them Karin Ben Simhon, VP of Innovation at Citi Bank; Anat Goldian, Director of Information and Cyber Security at Discount Bank; Alina Mitelman-Cohen, Head of Cyber Crisis Management Preparedness at Konfidas; "Adv. Orna Kopolovich, Advisor to the President for Gender Equality at HIT.

The conference was also the site for booths of potential employers from the largest companies in the cyber world - Cyberark, Sentinel One, Acronis and Confides - which are opening their doors and are interested in recruiting more women.

The conference aimed to raise awareness among employers in the high tech and cyber worlds of the need for women to assume key positions in the technological fields. The inclusion of women in the cyber professions is also reflected in their academic choices. According the Innovation Authority’s report, only 30% of those studying in the STEM subjects are women, despite their larger presence in academy as a whole. HIT- Holon Institute of Technology is engaged in actively pursuing gender equality and places emphasis on the inclusion of women in STEM professions, which is reflected in the fact that some 32% of all students in the high tech and technology professions are women.

"Female students at HIT receive incentive scholarships and unique enrichment and empowerment programs in order to increase not only their integration into the high-tech professions, but also their leadership capabilities", stated the President of HIT, Prof. Eduard Yakubov. "One of the most important things for young women is ‘modeling’, says Orna Kopolovich. "When I used to participate in conferences dealing with technology, I was often the only woman in the room. It's very difficult for young women to navigate a male-dominated world without many female role models to emulate. I say, ‘just create one for yourself!”

"Mostly, be bold! I think it's really good for children to know that Mom is currently developing herself and it can even serve as an example and role model for them" says Karin Ben Simhon, Vice- President of Innovation at Citibank.

Yinon Elroy, the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Economy, said that the Israeli cyber industry is one of the largest in the world and accounts for 20% of the global investment share in cyber. Elroy also added that he was thrilled by HIT's vision to promote women in the technological professions, one that corresponds with the goal of the Ministry of Economy and its activities over recent years.

Posted: 02/01/2023