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“Tell me more”- HIT alumni meet undergraduate students 

Ilya Shubinsky, a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Computer Embedded Systems), understood the challenges of job hunting, especially for his first professional job. With this in mind, he came forward to meet with a group of current HIT students in order to share his personal professional journey, from the beginning to now as a manager at a cyber company with extensive experience in interviewing and hiring processes. 


In the photo: Livat Avishi, director of the Alumni Relations Unit and Ilya Shubinski, a graduate of the institute

In the photo: Livat Avishi, director of the Alumni Relations Unit and Ilya Shubinski, a graduate of the institute

The group of students eagerly listened to Ilya recount his personal story about his immigration to Israel as a teenager from Ukraine, his school days in Arad, the decision to study engineering at HIT while working, as well as the professional path he took which led to his current position at Cervello. Ilya transitioned to the world of software and developed key expertise in building automation infrastructures, product quality, and in developing automation groups.

The meeting, the first of its kind at HIT, was held at the initiative of Libat Avishai, Head of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the Center for Student Advancement in the Dean of Students office. Libat shared her thoughts: "As part of cultivating relationships with graduates who are interested in passing on their experience and knowledge, we decided to provide them with a platform that offers added value to both them and the students who study here.The meeting with Ilya is a true example of the opportunity to benefit from the inherent knowledge of our talented and diverse community of about 20,000 graduates. We are very grateful and appreciate the commitment of Ilya and graduates like him."

The participants are in their second or third year of studies at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the School of Computer Science. They asked Ilya many specific questions, and in return, received practical and invaluable insights: how to prepare for a job interview and how to conduct yourself correctly during one, including the technical-professional aspects; sources of salary level information and positions in the organization you aspire toward; opening doors and creating opportunities and a network of contacts; the best way to introduce yourself to interviewers, including your conduct at the business contract phase; emphasis on professionalization, personal experience in projects as a way to demonstrate experience and thinking abilities, perfecting skills and current technological trends, and more.

"This is the first of a series of intimate meetings, where graduates join in and help our students think and understand how to navigate their professional path, even before deciding on their choice of specialization," said Michal Zecharia, Director of the Student Advancement Center.

Liat Balaban, the Director of the Career Management Unit in the Dean’s Office, answered the student’s questions regarding the different ways in which HIT can assist students and graduates prepare their CVs, participate in LinkedIn workshops, interview preparation, industry exposure sessions, and more.

The Alumni Relations Unit at HIT aims to create a network of graduates while providing them with a platform and an opportunity for self-expression which is not only valuable to them but also to advancing the professional and personal development of our students. The overall goal: to provide an opportunity to ‘share experiences’ and ‘give back’ fostering a lasting affinity of our alumni to their academic alma mater. 

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