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"Even the sky is not the limit"

Undergraduates and graduates in Design and Instructional Technologies received their diplomas in a special ceremony at HIT

Graduates and Undergraduates of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies. Photo credit: Askaf

Graduates and Undergraduates of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies. Photo credit: Askaf

165 undergraduates in design, 68 undergraduates in Instructional Technologies, 13 graduates in Integrated Design, and 33 graduates in Instructional Technologies received their diplomas on Sept. 6, 2023 at HIT.

"They say that “Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy”. Today you are happily reaping the fruits of your success," said Prof. Adir Pridor, Chairman of the Executive Committee.

"Congratulations to the graduates and their families who today become ambassadors of the HIT wherever you are and whatever you do" said Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of the institute.


" As we say, “HIT is the academy of the industry”. We create innovation here that has no equal and I am convinced that we will see all of you holding key positions in the industry," said Dr. Refael Barkan, HIT's Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalization.


The study program at the Faculty of Design gives students a broad picture of the world of design and its related fields, with a balanced combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Each student is required to face many challenges and a variety of projects, required to understand the object, the space, and the communication message, define the design challenge, produce an initial concept, examine, and choose suitable development processes, and evaluate the entire texture of the possible connections between the consumer and the final product.


The faculty has three departments: industrial design, visual communication design, and interior design.


The graduates and certified of the Faculty of Design

Graduates and Undergraduates of the Faculty of Design. Photo credit: Askaf

"Four years ago you started your design studies when you were facing a new challenge. Today you are standing here before me when you met that challenge and you are on your way to a new and equally fascinating challenge. I wish you all success in the future!" said Prof. David Rawet, Dean of the Faculty of Design.


The Faculty of Instructional Technologies trains its graduates to be developers of digital learning solutions, and developers of training integrated with Instructional technologies, and to respond to a variety of situations and needs of different sectors of the Israeli economy: the educational sector, higher education, the corporate sector, and governmental agencies. Instructional Technologies provide an optimal solution for diverse learning situations. Graduates of the faculty integrate into the departments of organizational training and development, user experience, programming, and more.
"During the years, the faculty and I equipped you with compasses to the new world of training and learning: design and pedagogical technologies," said Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dean of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies. "You worked hard and faced a challenge that was imposed on all of us during your first year of school. You had to change to distance learning because of the coronavirus epidemic. I would like to share with you the decision I made on the first day we switched to distance learning. I promised myself that I would do everything in my power so that your studies would not be harmed. I’m glad that I kept my promise to you."


"Seemingly we are finishing our degree studies, but we all know and that this is only the beginning and we are at the verge of a bright and promising career, even the sky is not even the limit for us ", said Marach Khalifa Kataish, on behalf of the graduates.

"Thank you for every moment in which we listened, to each other, supported or just gossiped and laughed. I wish that we continue to accompany each other in the next milestones of our journey - professional and personal. I wish us to take on new challenges and not be driven out of fear, But out of passion and curiosity. Let's ignite the same spark we had in our eyes somewhere 4 years ago and continue to do what we love more than anything - to design," said Hadar Hershkowitz, a graduate in visual communication design.
Over 1,150 graduates will graduate from the institute this week as part of the degree awarding ceremony week.

We wish you all great success in whatever path you choose to take.