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When artificial intelligence enters the classroom


A delegation from Beit Berl College, led by their President Prof. Yuli Tamir, were guests of HIT- Holon Institute of Technology.


A delegation from Beit Berl College at HIT- Holon Institute of Technology.



The visit focused on the integration of technological tools and AI into Israel’s educational system. 

HIT President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, introduced the Institute’s various faculties, departments, and academic programs. "HIT is historically related to education, because originally it was established as an institution for training teachers in technological education, and its graduates integrated into industries and the largest companies in Israel. We see the educational system as highly significant and valuable for the future of Israel." 

Prof. Tamir spoke of the high regard in which she held HIT’s technological strength, especially the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, which leads the way in training, development, UX design, and the integration of advanced technologies like AI into learning settings. "We came here to brainstorm. and learn how technologies can be best integrated into the complex system of education, ensuring that the technology does not go 'over the teacher's head,' said Prof. Tamir.


Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dean of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, presented the faculty's activities and pointed out their ability to train graduates who can bring their unique knowhow into the worlds of programming and user experience design. "The DNA of our students is very diverse. Some of them come out of a love for design, and others have an affinity for technology, but no matter why they joined us, the outcome is that they leave here with a strengthened and expanded toolbox that allows them to move in a multitude of worlds through advanced and up-to-date knowledge and experience," says Prof. Kurtz.


Dr. Nava Shaked presented the activities of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies, which brings together students from different disciplines. “Our uniqueness is expressed in our ability to touch every student who comes through the institute's gates.


We give them the opportunity to work together with students from different departments while acquiring a set of tools and skills required in the new, advanced, and challenging world we live in," said Dr. Shaked.

The delegation toured campus and visited the "Eye Tracking" laboratory, which measures the focus of the eyes, attention, and awareness in the experience of the user. Using this technology, the user's eye movements are examined according to different scenarios. Eye tracking makes it possible to understand what the user is looking at, and thus the effectiveness of the interface can be measured as well as optimized accordingly.

HIT- Holon Institute of Technology partners with many higher education institutions in Israel and the world, and continually works to create collaborations and joint work plans in order to continue to provide answers to the daily challenges of our society in the present and in the future.


Attending the meeting on behalf of HIT:

  • Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of the institute
  • Prof. Gila Kurtz, Dean of the Faculty of Instructional Technologies
  • Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs, Head of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Instructional Technologies
  • Dr. Nava Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Moti Mishan, Head of the President's Office and Senior Adviser

Attending the meeting on behalf of Beit Berl:

  • Prof. Yuli Tamir, President, Beit Berl Academic College
  • Dr. Ilana Paul Binyamin, Dean, Faculty of Education
  • Daniel Kubler, Head of the Center for Innovation
  • Nettie Shkolnik, Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Merav Shaviv, Strategic Consultant
  • Roy Kaya, Strategic Consultant