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Graduation week has started in HIT.
On Sept. 4th, the Faculty of Sciences awarded around 500 degrees to its B.Sc. undergraduates in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and its M.Sc. graduates in Computer Science in an exciting graduation ceremony.

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411 undergraduates in Computer Science, 16 undergraduates in Applied Mathematics, and three graduates in Computer Science with a thesis and distinction went up the stage to receive the degree for which they had worked so hard.

"About fifty years ago, I walked here like you. A student of industrial engineering and management, and here I am today excited to greet you, dear ambassadors," said Pini Cohen, chairman of the institute's board of trustees.

"You, the graduates, have the ability not only to acquire knowledge but also to apply it in your jobs," says Prof. Adir Pridor, Chairman of the Executive Committee.

"We are celebrating here today 50 years of graduation ceremonies at HIT. Just a week before the Yom Kippur War, the first Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates graduated," said Prof. Yakubov, the institute's President.

Graduates of the Faculty of Sciences integrate into Israel's scientific and technological industry as professionals with broad knowledge and a deep understanding of science, mathematics, and physics. The graduates leave HIT with a "toolbox" of knowledge and skills that enable them to face the challenges of R&D and to promote and optimize various processes in various programming, development, management, and other roles. They are equipped with multidisciplinary tools and skills to develop together with the industry.

"I'm excited for the undergraduates and graduates with a Computer Science thesis. Go forth and prosper!" said Prof. Alla Zack, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.

This year for the first time, along with the undergraduates, three students graduated in computer science with a thesis. "I already did my B.Sc. in Computer Science at HIT, and I knew it was the right place to study," says Shimon Aviram, a graduate in computer science with a thesis. "It was clear to me that to advance in my professional career and not be left behind, I must enroll in a master's degree." Aviram did his thesis on finding an optimal route in an environment full of obstacles, and he works as an instructor in HIT.

The Faculty of Science at HIT maintains an extensive system of scientific ties with universities and research institutions in Israel and abroad. The academic staff consists of highly respected professionals and are often awarded the most prestigious research grants from various research foundations in Israel and around the world.

The appreciation and prestige that the faculty receives, the extensive network of contacts, and the high academic level have helped countless graduates to integrate into the industry in the most highly regarded positions.

Over 1,150 graduates will complete their studies HIT this week as part of the Graduation Week.

Posted: 05/09/2023