Israeli-Italian Workshop held at HIT: Peptide Nanophotonics

from Bioinspired Nanomaterials to Biomedical Nanoprobes


The workshop was initiated by Dr. Boris Apter , head of electro-optics at the Faculty of Engineering at HIT and Prof. G. Rosenman, from Tel Aviv University and the guest speaker will be Prof. G. Morelli from the University of Naples “Federico II”, Naples, Italy.


Visible Fluorescence Bionanodots


Bionanophotonics is a wide field where combination of bioinspired optical materials, fundamental physics and nanotechnology results in development of advanced light diagnostics and therapy tools for precise nanomedicine. This Binational Workshop is focused on a novel paradigm found in recently developed bioinspired hybrid polymer-peptide amyloidogenic bionanostructures demonstrating unique photonic properties. Basic physics, new biomaterials and innovative photonic nanoprobes and integrated biooptical chips are discussed.


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Posted: 28/10/2019