Two international conferences on the use of AI in design and computer science


The use of an artificial intelligence platform has enormous potential in the design process, according to an international conference held at the Faculty of Design.



The DesAIgn conference, dedicated to the implications of the use of artificial intelligence in design, was co-organized by the HIT School of Design and the Sutnar School of Design at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic and featured speakers from the US, Australia, UK, France, the Netherlands, Serbia, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic and Israel.


The conference touched on various issues related to the connection between design and artificial intelligence. The first part of the conference proposed a critical approach to engaging in artificial intelligence in the context of design. Prof. Vladan Joler's lecture suggested an approach that goes beyond the conventional approaches to dealing with the field. Instead of focusing on the meanings arising from the uses of algorithms as is usually done in references to artificial intelligence, reference was made to the material and human aspects related to the operation of artificial intelligence systems in the design processes. In this context, we examined the material infrastructures of AI systems as well as the human workforce involved in their operation and how they reflect global force arrays. Other lectures dealt with various biases related to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms through the use of deep learning and neuronal systems and called for examining the ethical implications of their use while calling on designers to be aware of these biases and the various options for action in relation to them.


Along with the huge crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the field of artificial intelligence, new opportunities have been created: the new needs created by the plague led to new technological developments in the field, adoption and adaptation of existing technological solutions: such as experience in building robotic consultants in the medical service.


The the summary of the first international conference on artificial intelligence in industry and academia AI2, which was held in the Department of Computer Science at HIT in collaboration with SwissCognitive from Switzerland, and was attended by 11 speakers from 6 countries. The conference featured fascinating lectures by renowned researchers, including Prof. Sarit Krauss, Bar Ilan University, who spoke about collaboration between humans and robots or automated agents to improve people's satisfaction.


Dr. Yaniv Altshuler from MIT who spoke about social physics and automatic artificial intelligence, Dr. Yossi Adi from the research division of Facebook gave a lecture on a textless approach for modeling spoken language. In addition, lectures were given at the conference on combining machine learning and artificial intelligence in a wide range of fields. , Among them: agriculture, education, performance improvement, 3D printers, flooding and more.


The conference was organized by the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science by Dr. Jonathan Schler, Dr. Michal Gordon and Dr. Ayelet Butman (Head of the Department).

The Design conference was organized by Dr. Yael Eylat Van-Essen.



Posted: 02/06/2021