Netanel was hired by Broadcom, while still studying


Thanks to the professional knowledge he demonstrated in his interview, Natanel impressed them and was hired.
Netanel at Broadcom
Netanel Vazdi from Bat Yam has graduated in 2014 from HIT's Electrical Engineering Department, as an electronics engineer specializing in communications and RF.

Already in his last year of studies Netanel landed a desirable job at Broadcom, a well-known communications firm, despite his lack of experience. "The company was looking for an experienced engineer with at least 2 years' experience in communications"' Netanel says. "The people that interviewed me said that they still haven't found the right person for the job even among the most experienced ones. They have looked at my CV and decided to interview me despite my lack of experience, asking me detailed questions about my final project and my other fields of study. I've managed to answer all of their questions to their satisfaction. My final project was a research project that had to do with the 4th generation communications.

They have hired me the next day.
Netanel receives his diploma
I want to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Haridim who had encouraged me and enriched me with knowledge throughout my studies, Prof. Uri Mahlab as well as Mr. Golan Ein Zvi , for their help, support and good advice during the work on my project and later at work.

I want to thank especially Micha Zecharia, the head of the program for believing in me and supporting me all the way. My high achievements are also thanks to her.

When I was looking to expand my knowledge in electronics and engineering I've consulted with some friends who were studying already at HIT that said that they were very pleased with the academic staff and the level of studies here. Yet, I was also told that this is every demanding course of study and that I need to be highly motivated to succeed.

I had no means of support that would enable me to start school. At HIT I've received a full academic scholarship and was accepted to the "Academia Plus" program. Thanks to this program I was able to devote my full attention to school work without having to worry about financing it.

The results were impressive: I've received very high grades and was nominated twice as a President's list honorary student.

One of the major things that struck me regarding this program is the way the staff treats the students: they simply want us to succeed. If I want to summarize, I can say that my school years were enriching. School work was quite difficult but we also had fun, I've made a lot of friends, we studied together and developed our own social life around school.

The proverb that says "when there's a will - there's a way" was never truer.

Netanel Vazdi, is a graduate of "Academia Plus" program at HIT