From Academy to Industry- Nanotechnology conference

"Nanotechnology: from academy to industry" was the title of conference that took place at HIT hosted by the Engineering and Science Faculties.

The conference brought together Nanotechnology experts from both the industry and academy.

students' works on posters

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, president of HIT greeted the audience together with Mr. Rafi Koriat, joint chairman of Nano Israel, which leads the academy-industry collaboration in the field of Nanotechnology, Prof. Ezra Zeev, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Dr. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the faculty of Engineering at HIT
During the conference, Prof Yossi Rosenwaks has presented an advanced system of controlling the width of transitions channels and its location in transistors, which enables flexibility and adaptation of these transistors as sensors or switches. Dr. Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, the R&D manager at Elbit Energy & Power Department, at Elbit System Land and C4, presented the application of Nanomaterials in the production process of energy ad its conservation.

Dr. Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, from Elbit systems.

Prof. Emeritus Reshef Tenne, Department of Materials and Interfaces,Weizmann Institute of Science talked about non organic Nanotubes and how they are implemented in lubricating processes.

Prof. Ezra Zeev, Dean of the Faculty of Science at HIT

Finally, Prof. Fernando Patolsky's research group in School of Chemistry, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences in Tel Aviv University lectured about advanced ultra-sensitive sensors based on Nano silicone fibers and Prof. Zeev Zalevsky is Head of the Electro-Optics study program at the Faculty of Engineering and Director of the Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) lectured about remote hearing done by laser radiation.

Dr. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the faculty of Engineering at HIT

During the conference, students works were presented on posters and an award of 500 NIS, was given to David Rachmilevich, third degree student at the lab Dr. Oren Tal from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute, for his work on Molecular Electronics.
The conference is a joint initiative of the Faculty of engineering and the Faculty of sciences and was led by Dr. Amos Bardea from the Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Alla Zak, head of Nano-materials at the Faculty of Sciences.

Prof. Rosenwaks, Dean of the faculty of engineering at Tel Aviv University

Dr. Amos Bardea: "The conference had united both advanced technologies and the academy in a way that is crucial to the flow of knowledge between them, for the sake of development of advanced technologies based on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology".

Dr.Alla Zak: "there are many conferences about Nanotechnology, but this conference was unique due to its' special nature: both lecturers and students aiming at implemental research and the winning combination of science and engineering".