Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Excellence Center

The field of energy is experiencing new interest these days. The flourishing of this field can be sourced in: 1) world energy crisis 2) political issues which raise the fuel prices 3) environmental issues. All the above reasons encouraged new fields of interest in energy research. The insertion of renewable sources to the grid and the acknowledgment that the current grid must be more efficient and operate with more modern tools created the new field of Smart Grid. Smart Grid is a field which in cooperate the knowledge of various disciplines. The aim is to create a computer aided electric grid which is optimized and operate with state of the art control and communication tools. The energy in the grid will be managed down to the end consumer. This concept is innovative technology as well as conceptually wise.

As a result of winning the ISG (Israeli Smart Grid) fund financed by the chief scientist office in the ministry of economics in 2011, the renewable and Smart Grid excellence center was founded in HIT.

The center includes the collaboration of teaching staff, researchers, students and industrial companies under one roof. The center also does volunteer work in exposing the next generation to renewable energy and smart grid issues.


The aim of the group is to create scientific collaborations which will be translated to funded grants and collaboration in scientific publications. Moreover, the heart of the center is the renewable energy and smart grid laboratory which was initiated in 2013 and over 400,000 dollars were invested in it. The laboratory include state of the art equipment including: photovoltaic technology with full operating industrial system, wind technology, water, smart meters and monitors, fuel cells and smart grid platform.