M3IC Multimedia, Multimodality, Human Machine Interaction Center

M3IC, is a multidisciplinary activity center that focuses on the field of Human-Machine Interaction¾a field which is of great interest to both academy and industry.

The Center will facilitate joint activities and will create a unique paradigm for synergy between researchers and students from HIT's Engineering, Design and Science Faculties¾all of which are relevant to multimodal technologies and applications that are, by definition, multi-disciplinary.

The number of requests for research in the area of multimodality is growing, especially now that the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program has been opened for Israeli academic institutions.

M3IC headed by Dr. Nava Shaked, was launched in 2015 with a cadre of leading researchers from the various HIT faculties together with affiliations and collaborations with major research groups and startups in Israel, to advance industry-relevant projects.

The Center puts a strong emphasis on curricular collaboration among the Faculties and will offer a set of multidisciplinary courses available to all students, as part of their track electives. Students from different Faculties will be encouraged to work together on their final projects and complement each other's knowledge and skills in order to create a holistic approach to solving engineering challenges and designing products.

We believe it is a great advantage for students to experience such synergism at an early stage in their studies, in order to prepare them for their careers in today's fast-paced and multi-facetted world.