Partners & Labs


The program is partnered and supported by the key medical centers in Israel and the two largest HMOs, as well as the MedTech Industry and significant Digital Health Incubators in Israel. These partners are providing students with real-life exposure and applied knowledge in relation to unmet clinical needs in bio-medical environments.

Our Unique Labs

MADE: Healthcare Analytics
  • AI based prediction models (ML, DL)
  • Analysis/Processing of biomedical signals and images: EEG, EMG, X-ray, US, CT, fMRI etc.
  • Personalization 


HEAL: Medical & Assistive Technologies
  • Multidisciplinary bioengineering, AI, design (industrial, UI/UX)
  • Wearables
  • Interaction
  • Bio-feedback
  • Gamification


LIVING LAB: Homecare Technologies
  • 3 pillars: functional, cognitive, mental/behavioral
  • Unobtrusive multimodal monitoring
  • Whole cycle: early detection/diagnosis, intervention, follow-up
  • All players: patient, healthcare professional, family, healthcare organizations