HIT – Holon Institute of Technology was established in 1969 and became an independent public academic institution of higher education in 1999, certified by the Council of Higher Education.
HIT focuses on the teaching of sciences, engineering, computer science and technology, management of technology and design. It also emphasizes multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research of innovative technologies from a professional scientific, economic and cultural perspective.
HIT trains highly qualified students in the realms of science, engineering, management, design and plays an important role in integrating them upon graduation into key positions within industry.
HIT aspires to quality and excellence in teaching and innovative research, and strives to introduce novel and unique cutting-edge teaching and research technologies. HIT also prides itself on its advanced academic achievements, application of innovative techniques and interdisciplinary professionalism that lead to creative teaching and new technologies.
HIT aims to utilize the intellectual and professional potential of each and every student, so that they can fully integrate into the fast-paced technological world of today. Providing superior technological and scientific education enables HIT graduates to enter key leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.
HIT collaborates with the Israeli Industrial community and emphasizes the practical aspect in education. In order to assist students in future employment, HIT invites leading industrial and technological firms for on campus recruitment.
Along with this superior education, HIT also offers its students personal counseling and tutoring. Students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential and many are assisted with scholarships and financial recognition of excellence. For those students with special needs, special programs are offered.
HIT is also committed to the community, reflected in enrolling new immigrants and students from the economical and geographical peripheries, granting them scholarships and affording them an opportunity to be educated in one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. Every student who is awarded a scholarship at HIT does volunteer work within the community.
HIT also offers a unique, flexible study program to students who are employed full-time in industry and allows them to continue working full-time and study in the evenings.
HIT offers both its students and faculty state-of-the-art resources, including advanced library services, cutting edge, professional teaching and research laboratories, computer laboratories, design workshops, TV and radio studios. These up-to-date equipment and resources enable the integration of theory and technology with practical experience for our students.