Audit Committee

Mr. Lif Koby, Chairman
Mr. Lif Koby, Chairman
Channels Director, EMEA
East Europe Sales Director, MongoDB
Koby has more than 30 years as global executive in the IT industry, leading sales,services and implementation organizations.
Ms. Kedem Betty
Ms. Kedem Betty
First International Bank of Israel
Ms. Kedem received her BA in finance from Hebrew University at Jerusalem.
Ms. Kedem is a manager at the First International Bank of Israel. Until 1999, she managed the Rabin Square branch, the Hadar Yosef branch in Tel Aviv until 2005, the Tzamarot Herzliya branch until 2011, the Rehovot branch until 2014, and currently manages the Rishon LeZion branch.
She also serves as a mentor for novice managers at the bank. She has been a member of the Institute's board of trustees for eight years.
Ms. Licht Dorit
Ms. Licht Dorit
personal consultant for CEOs and national authority heads
Ms. Licht received a BSc in mathematics and computer science from Tel-Aviv University, and is certified as a senior coach by the Coaching Association. She works as a personal consultant for CEOs and heads of national authorities, guiding and training managers and managerial staff.
Mr. Yossefi Ran
Yossefi Ran, CPA
Co-founder at ProcuRX
Ran has over 20 years of experience within Finance and business development arena. Since 2013 Ran is an entrepreneur and co-founder at ProcuRX. As part of community services Ran is the chairman of the audit committee at the Atalef foundation, a non-profit association founded by the Navy Flotilla 13 veterans.