HIT's Honorary Degrees

Mr. Yair Seroussi

Yair Seroussi

Yair Seroussi, past Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hapoalim Bank, is currently Chairman of the Board of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services and Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd (ENLT).

An education activist who initiated many unique and innovative grand-scale projects which helped create an educational and social ‘revolution’ in schools in the periphery. He succeeded in this effort by gaining the support of the business community to contribute time, energy and money to upgrade the management teams of schools in the more remote areas of the country.

Mr. Seroussi has been relentless in his efforts to establish youth entrepreneurship centers, designed to help young people develop their skills as young entrepreneurs and leaders. In this way, he has dedicated himself to building the future leadership of the State of Israel.

In his lifework, Mr. Yair Seroussi reflects the priorities that are an inherent part of HIT’s core values., which reflect the Institute’s commitment to develop excellence among youth in Holon as well as inspiring excellence among students and the academic faculty.

For all of the above HIT is granting him an Honorary Degree.