HIT's Honorary Degrees

The Late President Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres

‘In order to create, one needs to dream. If the sum of your dreams exceeds the sum of your achievements – you are young. To dream is more important than to remember'

Shimon Peres was Israel’s 9th President, Nobel Laureate, former Prime Minister and Minister of various offices in former governments. His revered role on the public, political, educational and social scene has made him one of the most respected and beloved public figures in contemporary Israeli history.

Mr. Peres is one of the major initiators of the peace process. His vision, ambition, statesmanship and uncompromising desire to create a “New Middle East” and a better future for all peoples and cultures, coupled with his relentless efforts to promote education, and an innovative multidisciplinary approach to knowledge, culture and social responsibility, are considered groundbreaking.

Through his acts and deeds, Shimon Peres helped shape the nature and character of the State of Israel, influencing younger generations and strengthening the country’s industry, defense and economy.

HIT’s educational and scientific approach reflects Shimon Peres’ vision to educate our students in the STEM disciplines toward excellence, partnership with industry and productive citizenship.

For all of the above HIT is granting him a Lifetime Achievement Award.