Visual implants with mirrors for age macular degeneration* and differential geometry in relativity

00:00 14-06-2007

Visual implants with mirrors for age macular degeneration is planed.

An intraocular implantation into the interior of an eye is disclosed.

The intraocular implant includes two mirrors in the eye's lens in order to remove the object's image from the macula's generated photo-receptors cells and in order to increase the object's image so that the unseen image part in the macula, will be neglected. For macular degeneration prevent macular cells to receive vision rays.


Differential geometry in relativity is used in the following article

-7.0pt">The universe accelerated expansion using extra-dimensions with metric components found by a new equivalence principle**

in which curved multidimensional space-times (5D and higher) are constructed by embedding them in one higher dimensional flat space. The condition that the embedding coordinates have a separable form, plus the demand of an orthogonal resulting space-time, implies that the curved multidimensional space-time has  4D de-Sitter subspaces  in which the  3D  subspace has an accelerated expansion.

According to a "new equivalence principle", the extra-dimensions metric components and the curved multidimensional space-time surfaces equation are found.

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