Judaism and e-Solution

00:00 31-01-2008

'Arial','sans-serif'">        Throughout our lives we make decisions, always hoping that we’ve made the right decision. Unfortunately, decision making is not such a simple task. Bad decisions are often the result of insufficient education.

'Arial','sans-serif'">It all began in ancient times. Undoubtedly the freed slaves could not utilize advanced methods in their decision making, and, therefore, took upon themselves the hierarchic rule offered to them by Jethro, Moses’ father in law.

'Arial','sans-serif'">The question follows, was this not the very system which eventually led to the rebellion of Korah, Dotan and Aviram, which brought upon them the penalty of a forty year delay in the Israelites’ arrival to the holy land?

'Arial','sans-serif'">And so, thousands of years later, another attempt is made, based on knowledge accumulated from our rich culture, to develop better methods and tools of decision making, tools based on fractal technologies of world creation, as described in the Book of Zohar.

'Arial','sans-serif'">A quality education cannot be imparted without the use of a computer, which will treat each student as a private pupil, and therefore a CAD system is suggested for the technology of preparing the learning process.


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