Israeli Colleges

Founded in 1969, the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is an independent institution of higher education in the area of science, engineering, instructional technologies, management of technology, and design

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design was founded in 1970. Shenkar's uniqueness as an academic institution lies in the close ties between the two faculties: the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Design.

Located in a rural area at the crossroads of three distinct cultures-Jewish, Christian and Muslim-the College builds bridges between the communities which it serves. Faculty members devote constant effort to the education and training of our diverse student population, believing that Israel's future as a pluralistic democracy depends on the dissemination of knowledge and modern skills in peripheral regions of the country.

Al-Qasemi Academy is the first academic institution located in an Arab town in Israel. Accredited by the Higher Council of Education, and as a winner of the 2009 Excellence and Quality Prize of the Public Service, Al-Qasemi has proven to be a unique academic stronghold, which gives hope to the Arab minority in Israel.

Kaye College is today the leading academic institution for teacher education and professional development of educators in the south, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations of the Negev.

Over 9,000 students are currently enrolled in a wide variety of departments at Sapir College. More than half of them are studying for an undergraduate degree in one of many original and unique tracks in Israel, which position Sapir as the largest public college in Israel.

Beit Berl College is a multidisciplinary academic institution in the fields of education, social studies, art and culture. Here, education is considered a means for affecting social change and promoting social justice.