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Kaye College

Kaye College is today the leading academic institution for teacher education and professional development of educators in the south, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations of the Negev.

Its goal is to provide students with advanced academic knowledge, broad practical experience, competencies and skills to integrate themselves into the changing future of the educational system in Israel.
Students earn the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education upon completion of their studies. The College also functions as a center for the further professional development of teachers in the region.
מכללת קיי
At present there are 3,800 Jewish and Bedouin students studying in various college departments.
Students at Kaye study in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Courses taught in Hebrew run parallel with courses in Arabic in the Bedouin department. This rich blend of cultures reflects the ethnic composition of the Negev itself. A unique co-existence course offers an intensive encounter between Jewish and Bedouin students who learn about one another's culture and lifestyle.
In 2007 the College was the recipient of a special UNESCO prize for its outstanding contribution in promoting multiculturalism and co-existence.
Kaye College is characterized by its social-educational involvement in the larger community. It is an active partner in regional projects of holistic intervention in a number of Negev settlements, initiates and implements numerous projects which directly affect the education of the Negev's school children, such as promotion of literacy skills in children of Ethiopian origin, development of excellence skills in mathematics, combining computers in learning of elementary school children in the Bedouin sector. The College responds to the needs of area schools by offering guidance in educational programs and in taking responsibility for the professional development of educational personnel.
In view of these achievements, Kaye College was awarded the Beer-Sheva Municipality Prize for Excellence in the field of education.

Kaye Academic College of Education aims to prepare teachers who will take the initiative and become leaders in their schools and in their communities. It aims to create teachers who can function in a multicultural environment and reach out to each one of their pupils.
Kaye Academic College of Education is a warm home for students and educators in the field in both formal and informal education who are seeking an attentive ear and professional support.