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Sapir Academic College

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Over 9,000 students are currently enrolled in a wide variety of departments at Sapir College. More than half of them are studying for an undergraduate degree in one of many original and unique tracks in Israel, which position Sapir as the largest public college in Israel.

Sapir located at the south periphery of Israel with large minorities population among students and lecturers. Sapir Academic campus is one of a kind in Israel, home to 12 different institutions of education ranging from first grade to a seniors' day centre. As such, Sapir is at the heart of large community centre for education services in the south of Israel.

Among members of Sapir's teaching faculty are outstanding lecturers from Israel's leading academic circles, including dozens of professors and hundreds of experienced lecturers and researchers. The college's main attractions are its openness for new quality education programs with innovative human approach.
Sapir offers wide range of different disciplinary studies includes:
  • Software systems & Computer Science, Technological Marketing, Industrial Management and Control, Logistics and Operations
  • Law, Economics & Accountancy, Human Resources Management, Administration and Public Policy, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics & Management, Social Work.
  • Cinema and TV art, Communications, Cultural Studies
  • Practical Engineers & Technology Programs (Biotechnology, Interactive communications, Sound systems, Digital photography and media, Architecture and interior design, Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, Software systems and computers, Electronics, Water Technologies, Electricity, Chemistry).
Sapir's aimed to build focus on international leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and best academic practices. Its Leading academic administration have designed a set of programs to give students, lecturers, academicians as well as practitioners, many of the skills and knowledge they need to build their careers, hand in hand with improving their environment and contributing their share to the wide society.