Israeli Colleges

Beit Berl College

Beit Berl College is a multidisciplinary academic institution in the fields of education, social studies, art and culture. Here, education is considered a means for affecting social change and promoting social justice.
The College's faculty members consist of approximately 1,000 lecturers, who are active in both instruction and research. Some 10,000 students attend our four schools - The School of Education, Hamidrasha School of Art, the Arab Academic Institute of Education, and the School of Government and Social Policy, which offer an extensive range of undergraduate degrees, master's degrees, and certificate programs in the fields of education, social sciences, environmental studies, visual art, digital media and film, and more.
Beit Berl College exemplifies a unique model in Israel of "living together," demonstrating the feasibility of establishing a multi-cultural environment that thrives on this unique mosaic of different traditions, religions, languages and values. Its achievements have won Beit Berl College The UNESCO Chair for Multiculturalism in Teacher Education in 2004.
We believe that tolerance, knowledge and the willingness to accept the differences between people are the key to bringing together our students. It is our vision that the values we foster at Beit Berl ripple through to an ever-growing circle of Israeli citizens.