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Al-Qasemi Academy-Academic College for Education

Al-Qasemi Academy is the first academic institution located in an Arab town in Israel. Accredited by the Higher Council of Education, and as a winner of the 2009 Excellence and Quality Prize of the Public Service, Al-Qasemi has proven to be a unique academic stronghold, which gives hope to the Arab minority in Israel.
In addition to training teachers and originating humanistic values among students, Al-Qasemi has succeeded to house and nurture quality faculty members as an integral part of its wider vision of investing, mainly but not only, in local human resources development.

מכללת אל קאסמי

Today, Al-Qasemi is an academic and a cultural institution which lives up to the expectations of many students and faculty members (120 Arab and Jewish faculty members) who long have searched for a tribune through which it became possible for them to practically make use of their knowledge and experience in both, the local and the international arenas.

The college was established in 1989 as a college of Shari'a and Islamic Studies by a sect of the Sufi movement called "Tareqat Al-Qasemi Alkhelwateya Aljame'a. Since then, the college has never stopped its development programs in all domains. The best example which testifies on this is anchored in the fact that, nowadays, students, among other things, can apply for the following departments: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Sciences, Early Childhood Education Track and Special Education Track. At the end of their studies, students get B.Ed certificate. Today, there are some 1600 students who study at Al-Qasemi from all over the country.
מכללת אל קאסמי In the college, there are various modern pedagogical and counseling centers which serve both students and the community: Computers Unit, Modern Computerized Library, Learning Resources Center, Children Literature Center, Al-Qasemi Arabic Language Academy, Unit of Islamic Studies and Fatawa, Research Unit, "Bidayat”: AlQasemi's Community and Early Childhood Center, Regional Center for Family and Parenthood, Center for Multicultural Studies, Information and Communication Technology Center, Science Laboratories, Radio Studio and Archeological Gallery.