Vision and Goals

Vision and Goals

The Vision

HIT Holon Institute of Technology strives to be an excellent Multidisciplinary academic institution, unique on Israel's higher education landscapeת combining dynamic academic education with applied R&D, in cooperation with industry on behalf of Israeli society – at-large.

The Institute's Goals

The goal of the Institute is to prepare its engineers, computer scientists, applied mathematicians, designers, technology managers and instructional technologies experts to enter the business world and Israeli society as leaders and partners. At the same time, the Institute seeks to inculcate good civic values in its graduates and launch them on a path of excellence coupled with social responsibility.

The Institute must diligently strive to prepare its graduates to face rapidly changing technological challenges, and contribute to the development and advancement of business in general and advanced industries in particular. It must seek to supply its graduates with the most up-to-date tools for creative thinking, self-regulated learning, deep analysis and teamwork, so that they can create and participate in developing complex and sophisticated systems.

The Institute will make higher learning in the fields of science and technology more accessible to segments of the population that have traditionally had a harder time acquiring it, such as working people, soldiers during their mandatory conscription or afterwards, ultra-orthodox Jews and minorities (Druze, Circassians, and Arabs).
The Institute must develop and establish applied research infrastructures for the benefit of groundbreaking technological developments, closely collaborating along different channels with research and business institutions in Israel and abroad.

The Institute will constitute a significant academic base in the urban space which it occupies, will act to foster excellence among youth in the city of Holon and its vicinity, and will seek to be a significant factor in making academic studies, associate degree studies and training and enrichment courses accessible to the residents of Holon and its vicinity, as well as for the advanced technology industry in the vicinity.