Sessions & Abstracts

Session 2: Education Learning Technologies

13.05.2019  |  Time: 15:30-17:00  |  BSU ,Bukhara  |  Building 1, room 101

Coordinator: Prof.Gila Kurtz (HIT)



Learning technologies in education: Opportunities & challenges – Prof. Gila Kurtz 


The evolution of the Internet and emerging learning technologies offer innovative ways to teach and learn anywhere any time.  However, there are questions and issues that are primarily related to digital literacies and optimal use of learning technologies. The presentation addresses the main opportunities and barriers in implementing educational technologies for teachers, students, and schools. The presentation concludes with a set of recommendations for educators who wish to enhance the learning process with technologies.



Learning technologies in education: The next generation – Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs


In recent decades, teachers and students are increasingly adopting and exploiting advanced technologies used to Enhance Learning (TEL). Specifically, they use computers and mobile devices for conducting revolutionary educational processes. In this session I will demonstrate a series of tools including EduTube, SMS-HIT and Treasure-HIT usable to foster learning as an appealing process practiced beyond the traditional boundaries of classrooms. Finally, I will present an evolution of these tools while envisioning the next generation of learning technologies towards demonstration of new ways to experience educational media in new and surprising ways.



Where is the teacher? New ways for supporting learning – Prof. Gila Kurtz


The 21st century provides information that is available and can be found and learned anytime and anywhere, while skills and abilities cannot be learned only in a classroom. Therefore, the role and purpose of schools, learning spaces, and teachers must be changed. This presentation offers pedagogical strategies like personal and adaptive learning, team-based work and gamification that can help teachers to become agents of change to prepare their students for the digital era.



How to use humanoid robots in STEMM – Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs


Humanoids robots (HR) represent a revolutionary technology expected to be incorporated in various aspects of public and private sectors including in education. Scholars and educational practitioners consider and accordingly envision HR as a technology that can offer means to scaffold teachers and students. Specifically, HR offer convenient and “natural” ways to scaffold educational programs in various domains including Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In this session, I will conduct a presentation of a HR while demonstrating its wide affordances that could be exploited and be incorporated for educational purposes and in STEM domains in particular.