Frank Bauer

Grid 2020 Speakers

Frank Bauer Elsa-Neumann PhD Fellow, Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning, Berlin University of the Arts

Born in Germany in 1987, Frank Bauer studied social sciences/history at JGU Mainz (M.A. 2012) and architecture at UIC/IIT Chicago and UdK Berlin (M.A. 2017). The same year he co-founded Büro Vogel Bauer, an agency specialized in the planning and realization of contemporary sculpture. After being visiting researcher at Fondation Vasarely and KWY Lisboa, he is currently working as an Elsa Neumann PhD Fellow at UdK Berlin on the computational ontologies of contemporary art fabrication.


GRID 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020
Session III: The Grid – Artistic Impressions | Duet B | 13:30-14:30
The Grids of Computational Art Production, or: On a Convergence of Artist, Instrument Maker, and Fabricator