Accompanying the Multidisciplinary Grid 2020 international conference taking place at HIT, the exhibition 'GRIDDED FABRIC(ATIONS)' is being presented in a 3D digital format at the Institution's Vitrina Gallery. The (virtual) gallery's space provides a template for multivocal, multifaceted and multiscaled expressions of gridded imaginaries, reflecting the personalized views of the eighteen participating artists.

In their challenging interpretations of the all-encompassing, elusive and abstract term of 'the Grid,' the artworks are made of a rich and an almost unexpected conjuncture of materials and mediums. They embody – each in itself as well as their collective art-scape ‒ a processual dimension of searching, of querying, and of combining multidisciplinary methodologies through the creation process.

By thus, the artworks materialize and validate the classical statement of the art theorist Rosalind Krauss, that "it is safe to say that no form within the whole of modern aesthetic production has sustained itself so relentlessly while at the same time being so impervious to change." They also operate beyond this statement, by constituting ‘networks’ or infrastructures that are composed of circulating references, immutable mobiles and hybrid assemblages of our current life in a globalizing world.

The visitor is therefore invited to mediate between the micro-cosmos of the gallery and an associative, fabricated macro-cosmos that encompass both immobility and movement, regularity and continuity, multiplicity and repetition, difference and uniformity. But more than producing any atmosphere of binarism, we believe that a wander at the gallery's space would tie together these qualitative dimensions of The Grid in a complimentary way, leaving an ever incomplete, curious impression.

Participant artists: Ayelet Zwickler Ackerman, Nadav Bechar, Lior Ben- Gai, Alon Bonder, Ana Dan, Emma Margarita Erenst, Danielle Feldhaker, Ariel Lifschitz, Mikki Mann, Amalia Magril, Sharon Murro, Doron Oved, Igor Revelis (KLONE), Deganit Stern Schocken, Alex Schnaider, Shaul Tzemach, Merav Ofri Vax, Dan Zehavi.

Exhibition team: Vitrina Gallery's Head: Prof. Hanan Kaminski; Curatorship and production: Smadar Tsook and Ofer Getz; Gallery's manager: Orna Gattegno; in cooperation with the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies at HIT.