נמצאו 33 תוצאות דף 4 מתוך 4

Dr. Yael Eylat Van-Essen

Researcher/Curator, HIT Holon Institute of Technology Design Faculty, Tel-Aviv University Art Faculty


Design Technologies Session 


Museum Technologies Session

  • Museums and Technology: Redesigning the Museum
    (Session 5)

Dr. Yana Yurevna Arustamyan
Head of the department of Theory of translation and comparative linguistics, NUUz National University of Uzbekistan


Education Learning Technologies Session:

  • The role of assessment in teaching EFL
    (Session 17)

Prof. Zinoviy Landsman

Director of Actuarial Research Center, Department of Statistics, University of Haifa


Practical Math Session:

  • Analytic solution to the portfolio optimization problem in a mean-variance-skewness model
    (Session 8, Session 20)