Sessions & Abstracts

Session 9: Nanotechnology

15.05.2019  |  Time: 09:00-10:00  |  SSU, Samarkand  |  Hall 105

Coordinator: Prof. Lev Rapoport (HIT)



Effect of plastic deformation and damage development during friction of fcc metals and alloys in the conditions of boundary lubrication: a review – Prof. Lev Rapoport 


The main goal of the presented work it is the analysis of the interaction between deformation microstructure and friction and wear properties of four face centered cubic (fcc) metals. Pure fcc metals as Ag, Cu, Ni and Al with different values of stacking fault energy were chosen for pin-on-disk tests in lubricated conditions. Friction properties of four fcc metals are presented as the Stribeck curves. The transition from EHL to BL regions depends mainly by on the values of the SFE and contact temperature. The AE parameters were analyzed in the transition from EHL to BL region. The models of friction related to the AE waveforms in different lubricant conditions are proposed. The nanocrystalline top surface layers characterize the deformation structure during friction of Ag in the BL region. Surface regions of Cu and Ni samples consist of inhomogeneous microstructure with wide range of grain sizes. The lamellar cross-sectional microstructure is formed in subsurface layers of Ag, Cu and Ni in the friction direction. Steady state friction and wear in the BL conditions are explained by a balance between the hardening and dynamic recovery strongly depending on the SFE and temperature. The interaction between the deformation structure and friction and wear properties of studied metals rubbed in the BL region.