Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld

Leonardo Da Vinci Conference

Prof. Ariel HirschfeldDepartment of Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University

Talk title: Leonardo Draws Blackberry Twig – Some Notes on Da Vinci's Gaze


Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld is a full professor in the Hebrew Literature department in The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Research interests:
Modern Hebrew Poetry
S. J. Agnon's oeuvre
H. N. Bialik's oeuvre
The concept of place in Hebrew literature
Music and Poetry

Voi che sapete – The Dialogue of Love in Mozart's Operas (1994)
Local Notes (Essays) (2000)
Toward the Last of the Gods – The Fountains of Rome (2003)
Notes on Epiphany (2006)
The Tuned Harp – The Language of Emotions in Bialik's Poetry (2011)
Reading S. J. Agnon (2012)