Other Israeli Partners

The National Union of Israeli students

The National Union of Israeli students (NUIS) is an umbrella organization representing 300,000 students in 60 higher education institutes and vocational schools throughout Israel. Founded in 1934, it strives to protect and promote students' rights, in both the academic sphere and the socio-economic aspects. In addition, it aims to strengthen the Israeli society, by leading social reforms, creating public agendas and performing social and voluntary activities. This is due to our belief that the role of students exceeds acquiring knowledge, as they have the ability and responsibility to form, build and promote the society they live in.

NUIS also operates to create a joint dialogue and a relationship based on common values and understandings with students in campuses around the world. Thus, it is a member of several international student organizations, as well as Jewish student organizations.
NUIS is comprised of professional departments enacting the policy created for the student community, by the Chairperson and the local student bodies in each of the higher education institutes. The professional departments include: Social Involvement, Human Rights and Gender Equality, Scholarships, Academic Affairs, Policy and Research, Government Relations and Lobby, Minority Rights for Students, Foreign Relations, Spokesperson and Public Relations.