European Partners

Center of Higher Education Development Consult GmbH (DE)

The CHE Consult GmbH is a private for-profit consultancy on higher education with long-time
experience also in EU projects. It was the coordinator of the large-scale IMPI (Indicators for Mapping and Profiling Internationalisation) with currently more than 500 users (60% outside Europe). It also participated in related projects such as EMQT (Erasmus Mobility Qual
ity Tools), EBI I and II (European Benchmarking Initiative) and currently the IMS2020 (International Medical School 2020).
In all these projects, it was and is in charge of the methodology, designing indicator sets, labelling, rating, and benchmarking methods to allow for assessment of internationalisation aspects in general and (ERASMUS) mobility in particular. Moreover, it has developed QUEST (study adaptation) based on a research project
with 20,000 students, and MEMO(c) (monitoring exchange mobility outcomes) based on 30+ universities worldwide with together more than 15,000 mobile students.
CHE Consult regularly conducts surveys amongst students, staff and stakeholders with more than 50,000 participants.