workshop in internationalization strategic planning part I

The main goal of work package 2 is the development of an internationalisation strategic plan for each academic college as well as determining internationalisation priorities on the national level. Two workshops, which are developed and delivered by EAIE experts, will provide college staff with the relevant knowledge and tools to develop a strategic internationalisation plan.

The 1st workshop took place on 18&19 June 2013 and was hosted by Al-Qasemi Academy - Academic College of Education. 15 participants from 6 colleges attended the interactive workshops covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to internationalisation of HE
  • Introduction to strategic planning
  • Tools for strategic planning

Equipped with the relevant knowledge and useful tools, the colleges are currently working on a first draft their strategic plan. This, amongst other things, will be reviewed and discussed in the follow-up workshop on 27&28 August 2013 at Shenkar College for Engineering and Design.

Presentations used during the first workshop: