1st consortium meeting 18,19-2-2013


Re: Summary of the 1st Consortium Meeting

The 1st consortium meeting was held at H.I.T – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel on February 18th-19th, 2013.

Among the participants were the 18 partners of the IRIS project, representatives of the National Tempus office in Israel and more.

The first day started with a welcome introduction to H.I.T by Prof. Gady Golan and greetings by Ms. Sandra De Waele, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel.

The review of the IRIS project, presented by Dr. Vered Holzmann, offered an overview of the project goals and objectives, its scope and timeline, and a brief introduction of the project partners.

The opening session was followed by presentations of each WP by the WP leader:

WP 1 - Requirement analysis and benchmarking; Leader: Tel Aviv University.

WP 2 - Internationalization strategic plan; Leader: European Association for International Education.

WP 3 - Development and delivery of campus internationalization programs for faculty, administrators and students; Leader: University of Bristol.

WP 4 - Development and delivery of training activities for the qualification of IRO professionals; Leader: Universita Carlo Cattaneo.

 WP 5 - Pilot IRO activities; Leader: Warsaw University of Technology.

WP 7 - Dissemination; Leader: Tel Aviv University

WP 8 - Exploitation and Sustainability; Leader: Sapir Academic Collage

WP 9 - Project Management; Leader: Holon Institute of Technology

The first day was concluded with a session that included a progress review of WP 1 and a presentation of the project survey results. Dr. Miri Yemini explained the findings and provided information regarding the next steps for requirements analysis.