Sagit Alkobi Fishman

Grid 2020 Speakers

Sagit Alkobi Fishman Independent Digital Artist & New Media Scholar

Sagit Alkobi Fishman has been a digital artist and a new media scholar for over a decade. In her artistic work she focuses on digital and mixed-media painting via which she explores the influence a medium may have on the creation process as well as on the aesthetic experience. Few of her paintings have been presented in Weizmann Institute of Science. Her artworks embody various themes including phenomenological themes drawn from Feminist existentialism, and accentuate critical perspectives concerning the notions of individualism and traditionalism in the digital age, and the tension between them. Sagit Alkobi Fishman has an academic background in computer science (BA, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) and in philosophy of digital culture and art (MA, Tel-Aviv University). Her Master thesis, written under the guidance of Israel Prize winner Prof Ben Ami Scharfstein, centered on the question of the relation between imitation and art and inquired into cross-cultural perspectives. Her recent interests reside in the intersection between technology and aesthetics and the questions aroused by technological entities in the realm of the arts. Additionally, Sagit Alkobi Fishman has been working as a graphic designer in her studio named Saga Art, specializing in design for the print media and in visual science communication design. Currently, she has been a graduate student at the faculty of design in Holon Institute of Technology, studying towards MDes in Integrated Design.


GRID 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020
Session III: The Grid – Artistic Impressions | Duet A | 13:30-14:30
Between Technological and Aesthetic Grids: Philosophical Challenges Posed by AI Artists