Dr. Hillel Eyal

Grid 2020 Speakers

Dr. Hillel Eyal Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, HIT

I am a social and economic historian of the transatlantic Spanish World in the early modern period. Within the global scope and approach of my research, my main focus is Spanish migration to the New World in the eighteenth century. The types of questions I address and methods I employ are within the broad field of social science history, stressing long-terms patterns, quantitative analysis, and serial documentation. At HIT I teach various courses whose outlook is inherently multidisciplinary, combining history with economics, sociology, anthropology and geography. Most of my teaching and research interests lie within the field of global history, looking at long-term, large-scale processes across continents, countries and civilizations.


GRID 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020
Session II: Gridded Plans and Architectures | Duet B | 12:00-13:00
The Gridded Society: Residential Patterns and Social Mobility in Spanish American Cities in the 18th Century