From Academia to Industry

The academia-industry collaboration effectively serves to foster further development of nanotechnology-based products. This meeting will bring together professionals from both academia and industry, to share their experience in nanoscience research.
The following cutting edge issues will be discussed:

  • Materials & devices based on light-surfaces interaction
  • Nanotechnology for renewable energy & photovoltaics
  • Industry-originated challenges for nanoscience
  • Nanotechnology in medicine & food industry


  • Prof. Reshef Tenne
    Honorary Chair
    Prof. Reshef Tenne
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Prof. Alla Zak
    Prof. Alla Zak
    HIT - Holon Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Boris Fainberg
    Prof. Boris Fainberg
    HIT - Holon Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Alex Laikhtman
    Prof. Alex Laikhtman
    HIT - Holon Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Amir Handelman
    Dr. Amir Handelman
    HIT - Holon Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Amos Bardea
    Dr. Amos Bardea
    HIT - Holon Institute of Technology


Poster submission and FREE registration deadline is extended till June 4, 2023. The poster awards are supported by Functional Composite Materials Journal. Poster Awards: 2 X 1500 NIS.

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