The Multidisciplinary Grid 2020

Online Conference organized by
The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies
HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

23 November, 2020





The conference is aimed at examining the ‘grid’ as a cross-disciplinary theme with a multiplicity of expressions in terms of definitions, concepts, perceptions, representations, and histories.
The ‘grid’ has always played a significant role in shaping the spatial imaginaries of a wide range of fields: from Hippodamus of Miletus to the Cartesian revolution in mathematics, from the visual arts to archaeology to 'smart cities' and artificial intelligence. Hence, there is no single essence of the grid, and the conference is open to all associations between orthogonal frames and ordering devices, between geo-coded networks and technical operations, via off-the grid situations.

As the 'grid' has become an all-encompassing term, signifying a vast array of infrastructural and communication networks through which contemporary life is mediated and controlled, it is commonly viewed as a quintessential symbol of modernity. This conference strives to explore a new horizon of relationships and fusion of the 'grids' in these areas as manifested between humans, between machines, and between humans and machines ‒ bridging philosophical, cultural, pedagogical, technical and ethical issues. The conference will in this way foster a fruitful dialogue concerning the grid among researchers, practitioners and artists.

The conference will also include a virtual gallery exhibition at the Vitrina Gallery:

The exhibition seeks to interpret visual images of the grid as well as its role in the production of both infrastructures of vision and inhabited worlds.

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